Whether you like President Obama or not, we can agree that signing the Microbeads bill on December 28th to save the water and sea life was a cool move from his part. 

Don’t know what microbeads are? These are tiny plastic balls that are less than five millimeters in size and are used in personal care products as exfoliants – for face, body and teeth.

Why was important to banned them? Environmental researchers found that microbeads do not dissolve or wash away but remain intact. They are so tiny that most systems can't filter them out so they travel from your bathroom into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Once there, fish confused them with food, and if you are a fish eater, well, you eat them too.

These beads are made of polyethylene or high density polyethylene or a combination of both, and as you may know these materials are not biodegrable. A single bottle can contain up to 300,000 microbeads. Doesn’t that make you wonder if these microbeads could be accumulated inside your body?

According to the bill, companies must stop making these products by mid 2017 and stop selling them by 2018. I say, stop buying these toxic products NOW so companies stop making them.

You probably have one of the products pictured below in your bathroom cabinet or shower:


Now that you know what microbeads are, and which products contain them, you can make an informed decision. Below you will find exfoliants/scrubs that do not contain microbeads, and that are safe for You and the Planet. You can easily find some of these products at Whole Foods, Target, or conveniently online.




Navigate the online stores for more options and different price points because there are plenty of alternatives to exfoliants and scrubs with microbeads.

Would love to hear if you have tried any of the products I recommend above  and if you have started to phase out the microbeads from your bathroom.

Live Green,