I like to believe that I have a green thumb. I love having plants around my apartment. They make me and my apartment happy. I water them, I nurture them, I speak to them, and they seem to thrive…for a while. Then one day, I wake up, and they are gone. They seemed to have die from one day to the next.

I had my heart broken so any times that I have decided to nurture and grow a different type of plant, maybe a less “needy” kind.

Succulents my friends, succulents are the answer. They thrive by the sun and need little water. Succulents are the friends of frequent travelers. Your neighbor says that he/she will water your plants and she may either forget or eagerly water them too much.

Succulents are the best alternatives for an eco home, in these days of draughts you can water them once a month if necessary. But keep an eye on the soil, if it’s too dry water them. You can even keep them in the bathroom, the moisture will be enough to keep them alive.

Being the DIY gal that I am, I had to experiment and make my own little “garden”. It is easier to do, than you can imagine. You need a few things that you can buy at a flower shop, craft store, or home improvement store. One important thing to remember: You can choose a terracotta, glaze ceramic, or glass pot. But if you choose glass you need to be very careful how often and how much you water it. A terra cotta or ceramic pot will provide better air flow and allow the soil to dry out easily. Or choose a container with a hole in it for water drainage.

Are you ready to make your own too?

Here is what you will need:

Rocks, pebbles, gravel, or river rocks
White Sand Soil Cover - like this
A variety of Succulents depending on the size of your pot/container
A container of your preference
Wood pieces for decoration

1.- Distribute the sand evenly in the container – fill 1/3 of the container.
2.- Place some rocks for drainage as a second layer.
3.- Add more sand – it will cover the rocks
4.- Make holes with your finger where you will be placing the plants
5.- Gently pull each succulent from the container – make sure to not disturb the roots - and place each one in the holes you made
6.- Cover the soil with the rest of the sand – you shouldn’t see the soil
7.- Sprinkle the gravel or place the rocks of your choice around the succulents
8.- Arrange the moss around the succulents – it helps with moisture. Moss also comes in a variety of colors that you can choose depending on your preference
9.- Add wood pieces  or any other item you would like for decoration
10.- Lightly water your succulents

11.- You are done

A few things to remember:

  • Always water from the top onto the leaves - using a spray bottle is recommended
  • It is normal if the lower leaves, near the bottom of the stem, shrivel up and die. Just removed them from your garden.
  • If your plants develop bugs, you may have watered them too much. Stop watering them and use a combination of water and alcohol and spray them to kill any bugs.
  • Do not allowed for the vent of the A/C to hit directly on them.

Hope you have fun doing this! I would love to know if you take upon this project. Post your pictures here or tag me in Instagram (handle=MLovesGreen).

 Live Green,