Did you know that most mattresses are made from petrochemicals, synthetic materials and chemical additives?  Yes they are, made out of all those names that are hard to pronounce and that we actually find in pesticides and roach killers.

You may think that our bodies can’t tell the difference, but that “new” smell that comes with your mattress is off gassing tons of chemicals into the air that you breathe and those poisonous chemicals like flame retardants can pass through the mattress covers.

It is required by Federal law that all mattresses contain fire-retardant materials (because some people fall asleep while smoking)  and the most common way to make mattresses fire-retardant is to douse them in toxic chemicals that can cause lung and heart problems, skin irritations, and other issues.

To name a few of the toxic chemicals that you may find in your super comfy memory foam NASA built mattress:

Antimony – Also found in vinyl and PET plastic bottles, is applied inside the fabric of the mattress as fire retardant.
Boric Acid –Also added to interior fabric is bad for the eyes, lungs, and causes irritation.
Vinyl – Used to make mattresses waterproof, contains phthalates and heavy metals.
Polyurethane foam – another plastic used in the internal structure and since it burns easily it requires fire retardants.
Formaldehyde – Commonly used as an industrial fungicide, germicide,
and as a preservative in mortuaries serves as an adhesive and causes allergies, asthma, and cancer.

Just like there are organic fruits and vegetables free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, there are mattresses that qualify as organic. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, wouldn’t it be better to sleep in a safer and healthier option?
The solution is simple, shop for a mattress manufactured out of natural materials like wool, latex, organic cotton, and bamboo.

If you are interested in ditching your current mattress for a greener alternative, there are options here in Miami.  There is a Sleep On Green showroom on Lincoln Road. I was impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Their mattresses are crafted in Italy from pure wool, organic cotton, natural latex, and Coconut Fibers.

There are three layers of support inside the mattress, which are enclosed in a bamboo quilted covering, lined with wool and cotton. The top is made out of a thick layer of Natural Latex to properly support the spine. Below the latex, is a thick layer of Coconut Fiber used in place of springs due to its strength and flexible, plus it allows the air to flow. The third layer is natural latex for extra support. To complement the mattress, a natural wood base frame is used, to allow the mattress to breath. This company not only cares about the environment and their carbon footprint by using sustainable products, they also donate a mattress to homeless shelters for every mattress they sell. But don’t take my word for it, visit their showroom and learn about their products from Grazia Bizzotto, who was delighted to educate me on how all these components together make an outstanding organic mattress.

Another retailer that offers organic mattresses is Green Dwellers, with locations in Plantation and Tampa. Although, I have not visited their showroom, I contacted them by phone. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about their products and brands. The mattresses are made to order and contain the highest content of natural rubber, non-bleached organic cotton, and wool.
Green Dwellers carry both
natural latex and spring mattress and several brands to choose from, such as SavvyRest organic, OrganicPedic, Royal Pedic, and Green Sleep. They also carry organic baby and children’s mattresses.

A mattress is the kind of thing that you must try before you buy, so I recommend that you check these brand’s websites to find a retailer near you: SavvyRest Organic, OrganicPedic, Royal Pedic, and Green Sleep.

Live Green,