This is the third year that I attend Indie Beauty Expo in NYC and I am amazed at how quickly it has grown. With shows in Los Angeles and Dallas as well, IBE promotes independent beauty brands that are mostly natural and organic. It is an opportunity for this niche market to gain notoriety not only with consumers, but also with buyers and the media.

I love attending to discover new organic skincare and cosmetics products, to spend time with like-minded individuals, meet the faces behind my favorite brands, and have tons of fun with my friends in the industry.

There were 220 exhibitors but not all of them are certified organic or made with completely clean ingredients. I am mostly drawn to those products that carry certifications or contain the largest amount of natural ingredients.

Here are my favorites in no particular order:


Ojai Wild
Inspired by the landscape of Ojai, the perfumer behind this brand recreates scents that could be found in nature but that plays with the individuality of each wearer. Conventional fragrances are formulated to last for hours and with heavy scents. Ojai is subtle and fresh, woody, or musky depending on the scent you choose and it lingers long enough until you wish to reapply. I was attracted first by their handsome packaging – the wood tops and the colors of the landscape where they come from. But it was the scents that truly captivated me. There are not many natural perfumes that get it. These perfumes are exquisite and sensual, no need to go back to conventional.

I am.jpg

I Am Organic
The name attracted me immediately to their booth. The story behind the product is like of any other entrepreneur that needed to satisfy a lack in the market. The founder, an avid organic food fan, couldn’t find an organic body product that could control her eczema flares, so she formulated it and it became a success. She combines organic ingredients with aromatherapy and affirmations that are printed on the labels. She believes that all three create a total experience that cares for your mind, body, and soul. The scrub helps to get rid off dead skin while the oils nourish the skin for hours. The scents are so delicious it was hard to decide on one. Body oils and body balms are available as well.


I am such a fan of this brand that I owned their lipsticks, mascaras, liner, and two of their eyeshadow quads. The foundation is a new product for this brand and I was glad to have tried it right there. It is better when they can match you in person and find the right shade just for you. I have been using this foundation non stop. It feels like a mousse gliding on your skin for a perfect coverage. I was so excited to meet the founder and makeup artist Valerie Giraud. Antonym is highly recognized at an international level ( Emma Watson is a known fan) but it is based right here in South Florida. Antonym is Eco- Cert certified, they use bamboo or other eco-friendly elements for packaging, and they support social causes like Oceana or Lipstick Angels. What is not to love about this brand?!


It’s a line of vibrant nail polishes based in Miami, Florida. I love supporting brands that not only promote healthy living but that are local. The colors are rich and come in a variety of shades and options from glitter, to metallic and matte. The formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from the 5 most toxic ingredients found in conventional nail polishes. The packaging is made from recyclable materials and printed with fun and empowering messages.


Saint Cosmetics
Is a high-performance cosmetics line that hails from Canada. Last year, I was I was not able to meet them but it was the talk of the green beauty gals. This time I had it on my list of “must discover” and I was not let down. The packaging is so chic you can be proud to show it off and say it’s a green brand. They are Eco-Cert certified and free from toxic chemicals like Parabens, Petrochemicals, Nanoparticles, Dyes, Mineral Oil, Triclosan, Coal Tar, and Fragrance. The products are certified cruelty free and gluten free, so perfect for anyone with adverse reaction to wheat. I fell in love with the powder foundation which is infused with jojoba and rosemary essential oils that blends evenly for an airbrushed finish. The buildable formula can be used as a finishing power or full coverage foundation. The concealer is the perfect size to carry in your make up bag and at a super price point. Since it has soothing oils, it moisturizes the area while it covers dark circles – no need to worry about it settling on fine lines.


Clove + Hallow
I must admit this was my favorite discovery. I had not heard from this brand before until the expo, but a friend pointed me in their direction. I’m so glad she did!  They are probably six months old and they already have raving reviews comparing them to MAC’s performance sans the toxic ingredients. Read here and here. Their foundations are their best-sellers which owes it to the extensive range of shades and its long-lasting coverage. I was extremely impressed with their “Lip Velvet”  an ultra-pigmented, non-sticky formula gloss that hydrates your lips and lasts forever even after kissing or drinking– can we say Holy Grail? The shade pictured is Napa, and I have Uptown and Fiesta in my radar.

Have you tried any of these brands before? Let me know in the comments below.

Live Green,