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    “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  Albert Camus

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  Albert Camus

Winter is in full swing and with it comes cozy sweaters, hot toddies, and gentle skincare rituals.
People tend to think that Spring is the season for renewal, but it is actually Winter. Once the winter solstice marks its presence, the shortest days and the longest nights of the year arrive.
This is the time when the Sun rebuilds its strength, and it is a time for us to rest and reflect, as we may find ourselves a little bit more vulnerable. It is from the dark, that new life can emerge.
In many ancient cultures, like in Egypt The Birth of Horus and in Rome The Birth of the Unconquered Sun,  the winter solstice signified a stage in the work of spiritual enlightenment.
During the winter is when we should recognize our thought patterns, discover what is holding us back, and acknowledge our fears.
Anything negative, we should leave behind, in order to experience a re-birth when the Sun happens to come out again.
Light a candle, gather your oils, take a warm bath, relax and focus on your intentions.
Be positive because there is always light after the dark.

During this winter, these are the 5 green beauty products that I’m lovin’ because they help me relax with their natural oils and soothing aromas and colors (going clockwise):

1.- Good Soap –Made with fair trade coconut oil and shea butter, this gentle soap will leave your skin moisturized after the shower. It has a combination of papaya and mango scents so your bathroom will smell of summers gone by, but a good reminder of the great things yet to come.

2.- Java Lip Scrub –I always look forward to my morning cup of java. I sip it slowly while I look at my to do list and await for what the day will unfold. When I open this jar and I take a whiff, it reminds me of that, the infinite possibilities. There are only five ingredients in this tiny jar: organic sugar, roasted and green coffee grounds to gently scrub your lips, argan oil to moisturize, and lemon to give it a kick like a French espresso romano. $9

3.- Modern Minerals in Amethyst: This color assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment, it expands awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. This lip gloss adds a gorgeous shine without being sticky and moisturizes lips with avocado and coconut oils, and Asian Dragon Fruit provides the appearance of fullness. $25

4.- Juara Rollerball Perfume Oil – There is a type ofJasmine flower that although delicate, blooms truly deep during winter. It loses all its leaves but the branches remain green and covered with tiny yellow flowers that have a pleasing effect. I just love the smell of Jasmine, it is so comforting to me. Juara mixes Tiare Flower, an exotic flower from Indonesia, with Jasmine flowers and a sultry blend of Vanilla, Amber and Musk to create a truly captivating fragrance. It is alcohol free so it easily rolls down your skin, blending with your body's natural chemistry. $28

5.- LVX nail polish in Militaire - There is something mystical about this weather that if its dark and grey outside, I remain unfazed. I guess it is how u see things. This shade of grey is elegant and fun, and being a neutral it goes with everything. 7 free, cruelty free, vegan. $16

I hope you find your best self during this winter time.

Live green,