Ginny Bakes bake mix

I was wondering what would happen if put my two favorite brands together – Ginny Bakes and Barefoot and Chocolate - in a brownie mix and bake them together. So i did, and the result was nothing short of spectacular!

Funny thing is that I don’t even like chocolate. I know! Weird, right? But the thing that I discovered is that I don’t like all those weird alternatives in the market today. They just taste so artificial. I like REAL chocolate. Nutella you may ask? Nope. That thing is for amateurs. Look behind the Nutella label and check out the ingredients. The thought of milk with rBGH makes me cringe! Soy as emulsifier? Yes, also soy as GMO.

Ginny Bakes bake mix and Barefoot & Chocolate muffins
Ginny Bakes bake mix and Barefoot & Chocolate muffins

Barefoot & Chocolate is a hazelnut chocolate spread made with organic ingredients (so no hormones in the milk), certified sustainable palm oil, and it is fair trade certified. It is so creamy and delicious and tastes like the real thing. You can't help yourself from it eating from the jar. You will satisfy your cravings for chocolate and know you are doing good ~ Good Karma like their website states.

Ginny Bakes is my favorite brand for little indulgences. Ginny Bakes makes cookies, bars, “crumbles”, and bake mixes. These products are certified organic, gluten free, and non- gmo. Yes, they are decadent and sinful, but what good thing isn't? They are vegan as well, unless you add eggs to the bake mixes. A little known fact? They are made with Miami love! I think they are the perfect treat when gifting someone that lives abroad ~ a souvenir from Miami other than a magnet.

So the Ginny Bakes brownie bliss mix with Barefoot and Chocolate combo was a total hit with my friends and neighbors! I will definitely be baking more of these brownies. The instructions for baking are on the Ginny Bakes box and are easy to follow. If you are vegan, you can replace the eggs for applesauce or chia. Click here for a list of substitutions. I went the old school route and used 1 large cage free/pastured raised egg.

Ginny Bakes bake mix and Barefoot & Chocolate brownies
Ginny Bakes bake mix and Barefoot & Chocolate brownies

The mix will yield 12 brownies or 9 brownie/muffins like the ones I baked. Recipe: 1 Box of Ginny Bakes lovely brownie bliss 1 Jar of Barefoot & Chocolate spread 1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil ¼ Cup of Water 1 Large Egg

Instructions: Pre-heat oven at 350F Grease an 8x8 pan or muffin pan In a mixing bowl add the Ginny Bakes mix, then add coconut oil, water, and egg. Mix well. Add mix to pan and with a chopstick add the chocolate spread with swirling moves. Bake for 18 -20 minutes Let the brownies cool and spread Barefoot & Chocolate on each brownie square or muffin. Decorate with Goji berries

You can purchase Ginny Bakes products through their website, at your local Whole Foods, or click here for more options. You can order Barefoot & Chocolate online, the Fresh Market near you, or click here for more locations.

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