Raw Cacao Smoothie

One of my favorite smoothies to drink for breakfast or as an afternoon snack is a Raw Cacao Smoothie. Personally, I don’t like chocolate. You will never find chocolate bars in my kitchen. However, since I discovered raw cacao, I have been hooked. These are the two brands of raw chocolate bars that I like the most: Gnosis and Pacari (with spirulina or bananas)

When chocolate is in its rawest and most natural form, it is actually considered a Super Food. David Wolfe, the Rockstar of Superfoods, is a huge advocate of raw cacao due to its innumerable health benefits. Cacao is an extraordinary source of minerals like magnesium, iron, chromium, phosphorus , and zinc. Plus, is the highest anti-oxidant food in the world –meaning that it protects you from aging and promotes longevity. In addition, and to quote David Wolfe from his Ted Talk in Helsinski: “Cacao is the best crop to keep indigenous people in the jungle, so we don’t cut down our sacred forests. Every time you choose to buy chocolate (raw/organic) you are voting with your money to save the rainforest.

Ingredients for Raw Cacao Smoothie
Ingredients for Raw Cacao Smoothie

Organic raw cacao can be purchased as beans, nibs or in powder form. And if the word “raw” is throwing you off, it just means that it has not been heated above 118 degrees in order to conserve its valuable enzymes, minerals and nutrients.

You see how nutritious this is? Here is my recipe, but you can make your own variations: 2 cups of coconut water (filtered water or the milk of your choice) 1.5 tbsp. of raw cacao power like Navitas, Divine Organics, or Sunfood 2 organic bananas or 1 organic banana and half organic avocado (I like to freeze the bananas so the smoothie is cold) 2 tbsp. of hemp seeds like Manitoba Harvest.

You can also add a ½ tsp. of virgin coconut oil, organic strawberries, goji berries, chia seeds, or protein powder. But I like to keep it simple. The bananas make it sweet enough for me, but you may add palm sugar or stevia to taste.

I hope you like it! Drink to your health.

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