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This is my second post on 5 things that I'm lovin'. You can click here to read the first post. It's summer and my beauty routine is totally different from the one before. For example, I must watch out for those pesky pimples and brown spots that I get from the sun. And with summer comes a lot of heat and to be totally honest, I hardly wear deodorant. But with the high temperatures, well, I must -I don’t want to offend anybody. Right now, these are the 5 green beauty products that I’m lovin’ (going clockwise):

1.-Elemental Herbs All Good Lips $4.99 How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: spf 18, non-nano particles, flavored with a hint of organic peppermint essential oil, intense color, long lasting, moisturizing, organic ingredients. I am still surprised at how long it lasts and the intensity of the color because most tinted lip balms last for a few minutes. And my lips? Soft as a rose petal. For only $4.99 is a real steal. I have the Red Rocks and there are 5 other colors to choose from and I want them all. Organic / Carmine Free / Gluten free. Available online or at the Whole Foods near you.

2.-Hugo Naturals Dual Action Deodorant $6.99– No one could make me use regular deodorants/antiperspirants. There is no way that I am applying parabens or aluminum to my armpits, because plenty of studies have shown the link between breast cancer and the use of Aluminum-based compounds*. I have tried several natural deodorants and Hugo Naturals wins the job at keeping me “un-stinky”. I normally go for unscented formulas, and I tried it, but the Fennel and Passionflower grew on me. You know how babies smell clean? That’s what it smells like. You can use it even after you shave because there is no alcohol in it. Organic/ Vegan/Soy Free/ Aluminum Free/ Propylene Glycol/ Gluten Free/Cruelty Free. Order online or click here to find a retailer near you.

3.-Angana by Grune Erde Anti-Pimple Gel $9– I discovered this skincare line while traveling in Germany. The Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid in most acne products never worked for me. They caused redness and irritated my skin. Since going gluten and dairy free, I have no more acne problems. However, sometimes during the moon cycle I will get one, or two. I apply the gel at night and the pesky pimple is gone within two days max. No marks, no peeling. It’s not harsh at all (it has chamomile, rosemary, and zinc to calm and heal the skin). And since it is a transparent gel you don’t have to worry if you apply it at night and your significant other is lying next to you. Organic/ Benzoyl Peroxide & Salicylic Acid free. Available online at Grune Erde (which means Green Earth)

4.-Eminence Organic Stone Crop Serum $48 -This magical serum reduces the appearance of age spots and skin blotches with a mix of Stone Crop Juice and Bearberry Extract. Stone crop is a succulent plant that improves skin’s resilience and Bearberry is a red berry (favored by Bears!) that helps control pigmentation. It will take a few weeks before you see any changes, but it works. Organic/Biodynamic ingredients/ Paraben free .You can order online here or here or locate a spa near you that carries Eminence by clicking here.

Obsessive Compulsive Nail Polish in Feathered
Obsessive Compulsive Nail Polish in Feathered

5.-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics $10 – Did you ever paint your nails with white out while in high school? That was my conversation with the ladies at the OCC store. We all did! This white color is super white (highly pigmented), just like white out. With one coat you are done and it dries quickly. I have tried other brands and those have been “watery” or just transparent. I think white is the most appropriate color for the summer, because it goes with everything. 5 free / Vegan / Cruelty free. Click here to order online.

Have you tried any of these beauty products above? Would love to have your comments!

Live green,


*Studies published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology and Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry