Fashion Revolution Day
Fashion Revolution Day

We all have to wear clothes. Whether you are a “fashionista” or not, your clothes are a huge part of your life –Every day you choose items to wear for work, or you buy something to wear for that special occasion, for the gym, for skiing, for the beach. Have you ever thought about where those clothes came from?

This post is not about wearing the latest trends or organic/recycled/tencel clothes. It is beyond that. It is about the people who made your clothes and under what conditions. Please take a look at the label of the shirt (blouse, dress, pants) you are wearing to see where it was made and then watch this video:

April 24th, 2014 will mark one year since the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, which killed 1,133 people and affected many more. As we approach the one year anniversary of this tragedy, the fashion industry has still not taken enough steps to prevent another disaster.

In order to bring awareness to all consumers and manufacturers, the organizers of Fashion Revolution Day want us all to get involved in asking where and how our clothes were made. If brands can see that we, the people who buy their clothes, care that our clothes are made in a fair and ethical way, then it will encourage those brands to make improvements to the working conditions of their workers, pay them a fair salary, and increase transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Take part and help to change the fashion industry for the better. Take a picture of yourself wearing an item of clothing inside out, and then ask the brand where and how it was made. You could email the company, or you can tweet your message (use hashtag #insideout & #fash_rev), or post a message on the brand’s Facebook page or share it on Instagram. Request an answer by April 24th, 2014. If you hear back from the company, share what they have to say with Fashion Revolution.

Fashion Revolution
Fashion Revolution

On April 24th, 2014 participate by wearing an item of clothing #insideout and share a picture via social media. Full details on how to take part are on the Fashion Revolution website.

Please join the revolution and be part of the change. Be curious. Find out. Do something about it #insideout.

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Picture from Fashion Revolution website and "Handprint" Video by Eco Age for the Green Carpet Challenge

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