Looking for an easier and affordable way to go green in the kitchen? Aren’t we all?!

What about if I tell you that every two weeks for approximately $40 dollars you can receive a bounty of fresh organic produce delivered to a location near you? Well, let me tell you about Endlessly Organic, a buying club that serves all South Florida and that sources 100% USDA certified organic produce.

I first learned about Endlessly Organic through a dietitian friend of mine who uses this service and that invited me to a raw cooking class organized by Endlessly Organic and the Standard Hotel.

Raw Food class at The Standard Hotel Miami Chef Vanessa Lane
Raw Food class at The Standard Hotel Miami Chef Vanessa Lane

This class was part of the ongoing events that Endlessly Organic organizes for their customers to show them how to take full advantage of all the fruits and veggies that are delivered to them: you learn how to cook them, to eat healthier, and in season!

Endlessly Organic was founded by Miami natives Arden Karson and Cheryl Arnold who are strongly committed to help our community to achieve a healthier and greener lifestyle. Endlessly Organic sources from local farms first -for freshness and seasonality-, but in order to meet nutritional standards, they source from nearby farms as well.  There is no annual or membership fee in order to join the club, simply go to their website, click on Purchase Produce, select the type of box that fit your needs, and choose a pick up location that is near your work/home. The produce arrives fresh picked, chemical free, ready to eat, inside a recycled box along with ice, and at a cost often lower than conventional produce at your grocery store.

During the cooking class at the Standard Hotel we learned about the benefits of juicing and how to prepare some magnificent raw dishes that you can do in a snap with produce typically found in the delivery- (kale salad recipe below).

Raw Food Class at the Standard Hotel Miami
Raw Food Class at the Standard Hotel Miami

In the Endlessly Organic website you can find a variety of recipes, more information on eating organic and its benefits, and their additional food offerings, such as cage free eggs and grass fed meats.

Live Green,