Jessica Alba is mostly known as an actress, for her roles in Dark Angel and the Fantastic Four. These days she can add to her list of accomplishments New York Times best-selling author for her book, “The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You”.

The book focuses on living a sustainable life and she was motivated to write it because she was tired of being “greenwashed” by products that claim to be natural or organic, when in fact they are really toxic. The products once used by our grandmothers and mothers have changed formulations over the years, for the worse. This, she learned from experience when she developed a rash when advised by her mother to use the same laundry detergent she used when Jessica was a child.

This incident led her to do major research on toxic chemicals and to find safer alternatives for herself and her family. The book is a compilation of all the information she has gained through the years and how she adopted a “greener” lifestyle and she teaches you how you can achieve it too.

The book is divided in 7 chapters: Food, Clean (for your body), Beauty (skincare and make-up), Style, Home, Baby, and Inspiration. There is also a supplemental section full of resources – it is like a “cheat sheet” of everything you will learn through out the book.

She shares examples on how she adapts her ideas to her daily life ~ her tips make green-living fun and real! There are strategies on how to adopt an organic diet and how to embrace nontoxic choices for cleaning products, as well as for personal care. She also discusses eco-friendly décor to fit any budget, how to update your style without spending too much, and how to prepare yourself and your home for your expanding family. Because everything is not all work and no play, she will encourage you to find some balance by giving you some inspiration for zero stress dinner parties, easy to follow recipes, non-toxic art for the kids, and even an effortless DIY herb wall garden.

The Honest life is the kind of book you will use as guide and read over a few times, because her suggestions are down-to-earth and practical. Jessica has done all the research for you to make savvier choices -like she says “you don’t have to sacrifice performance or style to be healthy”. If you are looking to live a greener life or just starting to dip your toes in it, you will gain valuable information to incorporate in your daily life. I encourage you to pick a copy and follow some of steps. Soon, you will be inspired to live a Honest life too.

Live Green,